Baby oral cleaner to remove tongue milk stains suitable for newborn up to 3 years old toddler. 

  • individual packaging
  • 32pcs per bottle 
  • strong absorption
  • double layer seal
  • long-staple cotton and contains no glue
  • product has been sterizlied and do not need to rinse
  • No added stimulus and does not contain fluorescent agent


The third generation improved ready-to-use tongue cleaner uses long-staple cotton instead of gauze, and do not need to soak in water! After soaking in water, the xylitol and anti-decay tooth adhesion peptide components in the brush head are lost and become less effective. If the brush head is full of water, the oral cavity will not be able to absorb more stains, hence it is advisable not to used with water.


Measurement: 30cm by 30cm


Dear Lov - Baby Oral Cleaner

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